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Originally from Japan, Susumu Sato has lived in New York since 1972. He is a graduate of the Tokyo College of Photography. In his creative work, he shares the best of two distant cultures. Mr. Sato is active in several areas of photography. As an artist he combines the richness of the Japanese visual art, with almost 30 years of experience of western culture. He draws the material for his photographic books from his private experiences.

He’s presently working on the following three books: “The Harkonnen Chair and 100 Creative Personalities” is about 100 people from the fields of art, politics, science, fashion and show business, among them George Benson, Robin Leach, Chuck Mangione and Nicole Miller. They pose in H. Giger’s mythical throne, known to millions through its appearance in the movie classic “Dune”.

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 “The Talented and Famous and their Hideaways” will be a coffee table book, featuring celebrities and homes of such legends as Mary Mc Fadden, Rocky Aoki and Megastars Siegfried & Roy at their fabulous Jungle Palace and Little Bavaria in Las Vegas.(21 stories so far). The third book is about “Fantasies and Life in Greenwich Village”, These images have been collected at the annual New York Halloween Parade, over a period of more than 18 years.

Susumu Sato has recently started a new project, which will take shape as a personal show and possibly a book, which is presenting the fascinating world of doll collectors in today’s America.

Susumu Sato lives and moves In the center of the world as New York City is today. He has captured on film many politicians, celebrities, mogul’s of business and other eye-catching personalities over the years. The dazzling collection includes Russian President Boris Yeltsin, his alter ego General Lebed, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Henry Kissinger, Cohn Powell and artist’s like Andy Warhol, Miles Davis, Julio Iglesias and Jon Bon Joy! among others.

Mr. Sato Is not alien to advertising photography either. He has been awarded of many prestigious photography awards including Gold Medal, Addy & Clio. He has photographed for the best campaigns such as Rolling Rock Beer, Pepsi, and other top profile accounts.

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His bold distinctive style has helped to position him in the areas of Still-life, Portraiture, Interiors and especially Studio Water Wizardry. In fact, the advertising folks simply know him as “Water Wizard”.

His editorial work has graced the covers of the New York Times Magazine, Self, Money and other magazines and books.

Susumu Sato’s fine art photographs have been exhibited in Europe as well as the USA and are represented in corporations, celebrity collections and in museums.


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