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Posted by Dr. Joseph Fragala | Time: 19:28:55

The power couple of the operatic world in 2006 are soprano Daniela Dessi` and tenor Fabio Armiliato. They are affectionate partners and excellent operatic singers. Since they have been together, their vocality has synergised and improved to such an extent that they deserve the power couple appellative. They met as co-stars of an Andrea Chenier, sang together an Aida at Verona and felt theirs was a sublime fusion of operatic sound and scenic presence.

They both have had professional contact with famous singers. When still very young, the beautiful Daniela knew Callas but only superficially, later talked and exchanged opinions with Tebaldi and studied the role of Butterfly under the great Scotto. The intelligent Fabio kept listening to recordings by Gigli, who was venerated within his family, studied under Corelli at the Met for a long period of time and had an intense rapport with the celebrated tenor.

A current work schedule is a tour of Japan followed by the Met for Cavalleria and Pagliacci, singing however with other colleagues. In my opinion, they have left an indelible memory of the tragic lovers Paolo and Francesca in Zandonai’s Francesca da Rimini, the role model of XX century Italian drama. The opera has a stupendous score, an elegantly flowing harmony, which is rich, and a powerfully inspired melody, which never loses its grace.

Daniela Dessi and Fabio Armiliato
Daniela Dessì and Fabio Armiliato in Francesca da Rimini
(photo source: Alfredo Tabocchini)


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