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3, 5 Dicembre 2001

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Andrea Chenier   FABIO ARMILIATO
          Maddalena de Coigny  GIOVANNA CASOLLA               
                  Gerard   GENARO SULVARAN





Voices with Impact : A tenor the kind of which no longer exist

"Fabio Armiliato couldn't have picked better role models for his definition of Chenier: Del Monaco and Corelli, which means no more and no less that we are confronted by a tenor of a pure lyric voice, but powerful and virile; with a beautiful timbre which does not deform when changing registers and with an overwhelming capacity to phrase and color. From the initial Improviso he collected the loudest ovations form a public that had never heard a tenor with such wonderful artistic qualities."

ANDRÉS MORENO MENGÍBAR. - Diario De Sevilla , 2 Dicembre 2001

"Fabio Armiliato is a wonderful tenor. An artists that sings with a thought process that is pure heart and with the intelligence of a heart that appears to have grown up listening to voices like Gigli, Corelli or Del Monaco.
It is to these mythical names in the history of Andrea Chenier to whom we must go to begin to grasp the idea of his amazing interpretation of the romantic poet. Form his first aria, the famous Improviso, Un di all'azurro spazio, Armiliato made a case of his class, the richness and beauty of his lyric and meaty voice, open and felt from the deep inside, with abandon and without holding back, governed by an expressive feeling based in the best traditions, were the  start of a memorable performance.
The aria Come un bel di di maggio showed off his authentic lirico spinto voice to give a singing lesson.  The nobility of his interpretation and plethoric (complete, covering every aspect) phrasing, his way of saying with an open heart gave the spectators a knot in their throat.
The duos at the end of the opera with the described vocal material of the Andrea Chenier of Armiliato are already immortalized in the memory of those who witnessed this sensational performance by two artists that seem to have come from another era."

JUSTO ROMERO - El Mundo, 5 Dicembre 2001

"Sobre el personaje de Chénier recae la mayor responsabilidad de la partitura, una clàsica <pera de tenore>, y Fabio Armilato, que encarnò al poeta, fue el màximo triunfador de la noche, arrancando la màs calurosa ovación final y bravos en sus cuatro romanzas. Tiene buena planta, es joven y su voz de lirico spinto cautiva par su color, su seguridad en la zona aguda y su redonda densidad en el registro medio; pero, sobre todo, por esa manera de cantar, con gusto, con entrega, con emoción. Deja legión de admiradores en Sevilla. Y yo duermo màs tranquilo sabiendo que aún quedan Andreas Chénier por el mundo."

RAMON MARIA SERRERA - ABC, 5 Dicembre 2001

"Fabio Armiliato was outstanding for the intelligence with which he took a role embroidered with the greatest voices of Gigli, Del Monaco or Corelli. He matched the dramatic colors with the liric nature of his vocal instrument, administrating very well the dangerous third act with the vibrant Si fu soldato.  From there to reach the final scene without any sign of fatigue, in which he embroidered a poetic Bel di di maggio and he joined Giovanna Cassolla to vibrate in the spectacular final duo."

GONZALO ALONSO - La Razon, 5 Dicembre 2001